How To Create A Shopify Website | Simple & Easy

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Today we’re going to look how you may create an ecommerce website the usage of Shopify. First, shall we see the website online which we’re going to create. Here it’s miles So, after watching this video you’ll be able to create a website like this where you could add your personal merchandise. And anybody is travelling your website, they’ll be able to add your products to their cart, and buy them out of your website So make certain you watch this video until the quit, to discover ways to do it I am Bryan from Website Learners, and let’s start growing our ecommerce website Now to create an ecommerce internet site First, you want to create an account on Shopify So to create the account on Shopify, Just click on the link below this video, and it will take you to this web page.

Now to create an account, Click right here And enter your electronic mail cope with Now click on ‘start free trial’ And you may get this page Now enter a password to your account So you will want this to log in for your internet site. Now here, you want to go into the name on your keep. So I’m going to call my shop as ‘Gotocloth’ Now this will also turn out to be your internet site’s address. So as an instance, in case you input ‘Gotocloth’ your internet site cope with can be ‘Gotocloth’.

Myshopify. Com Once you’ve entered these information, Click ‘create your shop’ And you’ll get this page. Now to finish creating your account, Fill up these kinds of information after which click ‘enter my keep’ And now you may get this page. Once you reach this web page, it means which you have now correctly created your Shopify account.

So Once you have got created your Shopify account, your internet site can also be created. So to check that, let’s open a brand new tab And kind our internet site address Which is ‘the name of your shop’ DOT myshopify. Com So I’m going to type gotocloth. Myshopify.

Com And now in case you press input you can see that, we’ve got now got our internet site. So proper now we’ve got 2 pages, which is our homepage