Human and Dog Brains Both Have Dedicated “Voice Areas”

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Our social environment is complete with voices. A vital characteristic of the auditory mind is sound, and how we experience it. No surprise then that the human brain is especially tuned to voices. But, why would it exclude other animals? Well, until now we knew almost nothing it.

This is the primary time we should compare brain function between humans and any non-primate animal. We requested: how do dogs process dog sounds? And how comparable it is to the way humans react to sounds? Dogs and humans have lived collectively for tens of hundreds of years. People regularly listen to puppies barking and dogs pay attention human sounds every day.

We trained eleven dogs to be put in an MRI scanner. This made it feasible to run an identical neuroimaging experiment on canine and human individuals something that has by no means been accomplished before.

The puppies’ training was primarily based on superb reinforcement techniques, that is, we praised them loads while they had been on the scanner mattress and the path we used for meal rewards.

The results were fascinating. Checkout the video and please subscribe.