Twilight as the flapping shutters wrestle the hinges of time,
We take a bath in each others embrace,
this time I am the gleaning lather and she the frail candle flame: flickery and unguarded.

Reckless are we, we’ve dared the wind again.
A dip in a pint; drown and drown dear.
And let your eyes wander through the sketches of ecstasy,
As the wind comes alive with definite wings and surge with life and speed.

Your pouring purr is what rattles the leave as we go by.
The reason why their is a little chaos in my eyes.
The reason why the breeze moans delicately and the shutters are ajar tonight,
As we lay in the wind and waltz swiftly in gushes and whirls.

A poem by Tonny Wandella

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