Attention & Body Image

This a powerful video from Jessi Kneeland. Jessi is an amazing woman and a coach who’s goal is to empower people with body image issues. This is how she introduces her self in her blog.

“The short story is that I’m a coach, writer, teacher, and speaker dedicated to helping folks break free from body image issues and love themselves. The long story is that I used to hate my body. A long time ago, I would have said that “body image issues” only affected fat women or women with eating disorders—not me. I’d always had the kind of body society says is “acceptable” for a woman (whatever the hell that means) and I felt totally “normal.”

Now let us check out the video.

Hey there!

If you’re like a lot of my clients, you’ve probably come to think of “needing too much attention” as a weakness, character flaw, or problem. But have you ever stopped to think about the relationship between getting enough attention and body image??

Check out today’s #transparenttuesday video to see how many people (especially girls, women, and femmes) end up obsessing over and hating their bodies simply because they were unable to get adequate attention for reasons outside of how they look!


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