Reggae, you, me and twilight

I don’t want to keep you waiting

Here for a moment of fading bliss

If this twilight means anything to us

Then this good music is a given

Blaring and rising like burning incense.

Here, little one take your time, be in the moment

Let me Stir your senses, flow steadily into your element

Be a ripple of simple joy, be happy, feel free even if for a while.

Your presence here sure pacifies this magical twilight.

We have come so far, Look back, the fury of the day is now behind

What about the dark incoming night? Fright not, the village lights are sweet companions too.

Seamer down, let loose, let the music smoother your sweet soul.

I see you rising gently into the starry night;

you are my rhythm and I can couple you with a nod,

Like a smoke, you rise,

yes I choke and I am fuzzy, but glad.

A poem by Tonny Wandella