Hitler, YOU & Mother Teresa

Believe it or not, you all have one emotional need in common. Sounds extreme for you to be linked with both the hatefulness of Hitler and pure love of Mother Teresa, right?

Of course, but it does highlight the fact that within the human spirit lies unfathomable hate and selfless love. I believe these traits are within us all; the horrors of the 20th century reveal I’m not exaggerating the darkness that envelopes the human condition.

Yet, without this need human kind would not have flourished, it’s also the downfall of many a great man too.

And that need is … DESIRE.

Think for a moment. Is there anything you undertake that isn’t fuelled by desire? Even the most selfless acts in life foster the desire to be a good person.

Over the past year I’ve given a lot of time and study to this one topic. And, in my latest fictional book Code of the Conqueror – The Journey, I have introduced how becoming awake to The Six Great Desires of life can propel your happiness and sense of wellbeing or, lead to a life spiralling out of control.

Unfortunately, our desires represent an inner conflict that will never be won. There is no end. The same is true of everyone you encounter too.

But these internal desires must be tamed and understood to achieve a fulfilled life. This is the starting point of my Code of the Conqueror. Without these essential lessons you will forever falter in your quest, to both find and master your true self.

In my opinion desires are the true drivers that emotionally charge our lives and must be the first subject to be handled if you’re serious about improving any aspect of your life.

“There comes a time in life when you must confront your inner voices or be forever at their mercy. That time is now.”

The Six Great Desires

Obviously, the following six desires do not represent every single desire known to man, but I do feel they’re the starting point to reflect upon your past choices and future needs.

Within each desire there will always be a light and dark side, a yin and yang, you could say. This simply illustrates how we all choose to emotionalise our desires. Yes, it is a choice, like everything else that happens in your life, it’s down to you.

No one has ever craved less power, they may wish for less responsibility but not at the sake of power. We must also remain vigilant of how others try to manipulate us. From the media, to our family and friends. Power resides in even the most unassuming circumstances. Stay observant.

Without action there is nothing. We must desire some form of action or life is pointless. But the desire for action without giving clear thought to its outcome can soon lead to self-destruction.

To be loved and to love is the greatest need of mankind. But far too often we become too agreeable and allow ourselves to be treated wrongly, simply to keep the peace. When we desire good relationships, yet put up with bullying, fakeness and narrow-mindedness, we are heading for a stormy landing. Too often we settle for less than we deserve.

No one knows everything. Submerged in our own importance, we can often see no further than the end of our nose. Only through proper knowledge and training can we open ourselves to the perspectives and wisdom of those who have gone before us. We must continually improve our minds.

Times of lust do not last long, they pass quickly. Nothing in this world can be long enjoyed, yet the harm will stay within. If you are diligent and loving, you may do whatever you wish, but a life out of balance can quickly manifest itself into pure lust and continue forever. Most ignore the lesson.

Have you ever desired less energy? I guess you haven’t. No one ever has. After all, energy is the life force of man. There has never been a true leader of men who has lacked energy—at least not in the beginning of their rise to power. The problems stem from excessive energy and overly optimistic attitude, which leads to reaching further and further down a rabbit hole. For what? Many never know, but energy creates momentum which must be tamed, as with all desires.
Even Conquerors need to sparkle.Those who know me well enough, know I love an acronym; for me I find it easier to recall and use time and time again. And, to complete the framework for DESIRES, within the Code of the Conqueror, I have added Self-Mastery, without it you do not stand a chance of becoming the person you wish to be.


Through Code of the Conqueror – The Journey, I echo many of the teachings of the Buddha, and he valued the notion of ridding ourselves of all desires. Which if you are in a mountain retreat away from civilisation, then maybe many desires can be lessened through meditation and solitude. For us mere mortals though, desire represents a double-edged sword, that will always present in itself in one form or another.

But I feel there is one paragraph from the teachings of the Buddha we should end with, and that is, ‘Man’s own mind lures him into evil ways, not his enemy or friend. The one who protects his mind from jealousy, greed, anger and infatuation, is the one who enjoys real and lasting peace.’

Until next time, stay true to you and choose your desires wisely.

by Mark Weeks

Writer, dreamer and ragged trousered entrepreneur.