Believe in Yourself, Others Will Follow

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Be the change

If you do not believe in yourself or in your talent no one else will.

If you do not tell people you are a writer no one will know your talent.

If you do not publish your work, no one will see, no one will care.

When you start believing in yourself, your confidence shines through.

When you say the words,

‘I am a writer’

Say those words with pride.

Friends, family, acquaintances, work colleagues become intrigued. They are interested in what you write and if you are published. The conversation continues and the interest builds. People wish you well and want you to succeed.

I started talking about my writing regularly only this year, having written on and off for 9 years. After I launched my blog, I have never had as many conversations with ‘non writing’ friends about my writing. My assumption was that these friends were not interested in my hobby, or they would think me foolish, laugh at me.

I can see now that these were my insecurities about my craft and lack of commitment.

Now I am asked about writing, when I was writing, have I published anything? They want to know when I have a new post, am I writing a novel, what kind of novel is it? Is it one they would read?

I love to talk about my writing. This time last year, I shied away from conversations about my hobby. I called writing my hobby but I never made the time to write.

This year is my year.

This year I am confident.

This year I believe in myself and other people do too.

My writing is now not a hobby. It is my ‘side hustle’

This is also the best incentive to continue to write and to keep showing up. I feel the pressure to show up and produce words, to make them look and sound good enough for others to read. Nothing encourages you more than the thought of letting other people down.

I have started my email list, I have friends, family and followers on there who expect me to produce. I have committed to at least one post per week. If I am on day 6 and I haven’t yet punched the keyboard for a blog post I am feeling the obligation sit my but in the chair and produce.

Obligation is a big word.

It is a good obligation, I feel. An obligation I enjoy, a responsibility to an audience. It is what I need to ensure I continue my writing habit.

Since I started believing in myself and my writing,

· I started my blog

· I have had a short story selected for publication in a literary magazine

· I started an email list and have subscribers!

· I enjoy conversations about my writing

· I am pursuing a course in copywriting

· I have almost finished my first fiction novel

· I am toying with the idea of a non-fiction book

For the first time in years I feel positive about my writing and the journey I am on and it is all because I believed in myself.

If you do one thing today, tell someone about your writing. Start a conversation and tell them about what you write or the name of your blog, what genre you write in. You will be surprised by how enthusiastic they are.

This will encourage you to write.

And then write some more.

Go on…….. write now.

Believe in yourself

Then share it!

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