Don’t jump in the calm hypnotized waters

Even ripples desire banks

Beneath its still lethargic curtain and aimless sways

There is a stolid river bed; lying in a somber and repressive slumber

And lifeless tentacles its beards, while sand grains shiver in melancholy.

And if you find yourself ploughed into the grains,

Truly lost in the dept, and bubbles cease to suffice.

A soporific hum coming forth to ease your pains,

Kick once and twice, towards the mellow surface.

Assail the dunk riverbed: rattle its feigned tranquility.

And let your bubbles burst upon the waiting surface.

Kick once; kick twice to break free from its lifeless tentacles

For now I know, you too desire the banks.

A poem by Tonny Wandella