Free Will

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Not everyone will agree and that’s okay! That is the beauty of life and our differences makes life that much more of an exciting experience.

I was always aware that we had free will as cosmic beings, however, before I truly began to understand what manifesting was all about I used to have a completely different view on what free will meant.

For years I thought free will meant that our souls got to choose whatever life they wanted to experience and once we became ‘human’ our free will became limited. I didn’t particularly like this belief but it’s what a lot of people used to preach in the spiritual community.

So, I spent years telling myself that bad things happened because it was part of what my souls journey to learn a certain lesson. It was a very limiting belief. But now my views have changed completely.

When I began to dive deeper into manifesting and the law of assumption, I finally understood that free will meant I had the choice to create my destiny, it wasn’t something that was pre-planned. I had the free will to carve my own path, my own fate.

Fear Blocks Our Free Will

Fear is one of the biggest blocks we come across in life. But it is a natural human instinct when we are faced with danger. However, a lot of the situations we fear aren’t dangerous at all. For example: falling in love, being open and honest about who you are, moving to a new town/city/country, or even following your passion/goal/dream. Of course there are cases where all those things can end up being dangerous but that isn’t what I’m talking about today.

So, let me give you an example of fear blocking our free will.

This weekend I watched an interesting ‘reality’ show with my friend’s called ‘Love is Blind’. I’m aware it is most likely staged but as I watched the show it became obvious that the actors had a lot of insecurities and issues that were causing them to act out of fear, especially when it came to their romantic relationships and self-worth.

It was interesting to observe people who were all coming from a place of fear. But how were they coming from a place of fear?

Well, for example: one person came out as bi-sexual. And he hid his sexuality because he feared being rejected, he was afraid to be open about who he was. These fears kept him in a defensive and angry state. This led to his fear coming true — he ended up getting rejected.

The reason he had those fears were because of his self concept and inner beliefs, which were “No one will accept me for being me”. Obviously something happened in his childhood that created him to feel this way.

But the reason these fears blocked his free will was because he was living his life based on old beliefs. How can he ever choose a different approach if he is living life on auto-pilot.

It can be an unstoppable vicious cycle, and these people didn’t seem to realize they had the power to stop it just by choosing not to focus on fear. However, it isn’t that easy, especially when you have lived from a place of fear all your life. But to me, as an outsider looking in, it seemed too obvious that they were creating these situations just by focusing on the ‘negative’ and focusing on their fears and beliefs.

I pointed it out to my friends, and I spoke about the fact that those people are manifesting a lot of those situations into their life without being aware because they’re allowing their fears and insecurities to drive them forward. My friends disagreed and argued that their insecurities are caused by the situations they’ve experienced not the other way round.

But I believe those situations only happen when we aren’t choosing our free will, when we aren’t coming from a place of love. But if we don’t try to change our perspective and perception, or realize that it’s possible to change our views of the world around us then that is when we fall into and stay stuck in that fearful and vicious cycle, and it feels impossible to break free from.

And being able to see this by observing other people affirms what I have learned: that our beliefs from childhood create our fears, and fear gives the illusion that we have been stripped of our free will.

That led me to think back on my own past, my own issues, and insecurities. Up until this year I was exactly like the people in the show. I wasn’t experiencing my own free will. I couldn’t see that what I was choosing to focus on — which was fear — was creating situations that ‘kept’ me in that mindset, that made me feel powerless. And these fears were just my old childhood beliefs that I learned from the environment I grew up in. I needed to unlearn these old beliefs and create new ones.

Spiritual Free Will

Learning about free will has taken a lot of pressure and stress off of me. And though I still have beliefs that our souls have some sort of contracts to meet and cross paths — we have the free will to decide on how we want to handle those connections. We can either come from a place of love and experience out unlimited potential. Or we can stay stuck in our fears that were created long ago.

But once we begin to look closely and inspect our fears, we can see that it really is false evidence appearing real. Fear is nothing more than old beliefs creating a false reality and yet, in this false reality our fears can cause such strong ‘negative’ reactions. The human mind is powerful. So, imagine what could happen if we constantly chose our free will.


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