PROMISE (With an audio version)

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A promise, is a song; a silent song.

Then a refrain, a soon to arrive,

when it arrives it brings along a crowned gift

But when it doesn’t, it is a livid distorted record.

A promise is a riddle

An aligned fauxed theory

taking shape, it might as well bend a glass;

not before it shutters or severs a vein.

A promise is an egg I lay,

one that floats before your eyes,

the other that sinks; the other that hatches.

All this is can be fuzz, I snap out of it

to see the world for what it is.

It is a broom, dirt and the cleaner all the same

a promise is only seconds filled with words;

a grain sprouting inside a bird’s nest.

A promise is a senseless dream.

It goes on unaware am a wake,

watching it like a play on stage.

But who is liable for a broken promise?

I haven’t heard of a policy to secure it.

Only hearts take the blame,

but a promise is wind.

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A poem by Tonny Wandella

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