Nostalgia (With audio version)
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Do you remember moments from the past?

Those that roam in our heads and will always last,

Moments of joy or longing and those of love.

Those that have taken root inside our stormy hearts and want more.

The lucidity alive within us: moments after moments.

They have been stacked in our hearts and minds like books in a shelf,

To be retrieved whenever, we stop and look back.

Do you remember the purity of our hearts?

And the fortitude of our innocence: no cruelty could taint them.

And the laughter that still echoes.

Do you remember the love we had and now it aches?

For surely nothing lasts forever.

Do you recall us walking in our kingdoms?

Hidden far away in our childish imaginations.

Do you ever think of the freedom and our ambiguous fetishes?

 Some we possess but they have lost their luster.

Maybe we were fools to dream and explore our hearts.

Do you ever stop and think, about these sweet haunting memories,

Shall we make more!

A poem by Tonny Wandella