Cheer up (With an audio version)
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And life presents itself as a battlefield,
as I stand here amongst those valiantly blasting their cannons,
and those who shall never see another lit horizon.
amongst the smoke, tears pain, and shock.
among the roar of courage and shrieks of cowardice.
among the immortal wishes and unfulfilled dreams
here on this battlefield, I pose and halt.
while the dying wrestle with their dirges.
and the living battle their soaring fears.
for once on this battlefield, the enemy has no side.
he paces within and around all men.
he is the one firing the guns, and the bullet is he.
he is the pain, he dwells in their wails.
there he scolds in their victory.
and hum in their mourning.
so cheer up, you are the ally and the nemesis.

A poem by Tonny Wandella