Come to me (With the audio version)
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Where do I belong a homeless being in the universe?

If not in your arms, my eternal dwelling.

I race with shooting stars and find myself first.

How much have I seen in those eyes?

Diamond, rubies and heaven revealed.

And the mystery that is your grace;

I am puzzled in my endeavor to love.

For being in your arms, seems a lifetime away.

And now only in your shadow I lay,

To preserve my heart from the scorching time.

Come to me before dunes bury me away.

My lips have parted; so drip life in them.

In this desert you are a leafy shrub

And the last drop of a dying oasis.

Listen to me: before the sun your silhouette is majestic,

And inside a home awaits me.

A poem by Tonny Wandella