Midnight bubble

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I would like to invite you to my midnight bubble.

And laze beside your with internal mischief, and have that latch welded.

To wield you high next to the aroused moonlight sky,

Tangle you in its light and have the breeze trod on your nerves.

I would like to listen quietly to what you have to say;

The songs you would wish to sing and melodies You See fit.

For my ears will be eager and next to your quivering lips,

My heart throbs; haply at that moment laden with bliss.

I would like to wade with you through the midnight ecstasy,

Valiantly into the fresh morning and show you the sorrows of euphoria.

To keep you in my shadow for a while,

And have the clock judge us, as our souls are beautifully doused.

I would like to run my fingers through my mild oblivion. Through its grand edges and its blunt curves.

And let my head run wild for my heart has succumbed,

To keep you dump and twined in my flag and hope.

I would like to hear only you talk in the quietest hours,

Before the dark wanes and our drapes fall.

I would like to taste the first light in my naked illusion and awaken a gleam in your

eyes before the world returns.

A poem by Tonny Wandella