Daybreak why are you wary?
Are my wishes absurd?
All I need are your dazzling expressions,
Bubbling like a golden fountain; intensely with grace and haply twinkling.
Rise for once; let your light baptize me,
Wrest me off the darkness that shackled me since you departed.

Depart, but with me, if it seems right.
Your gifts are warmth and genuine warmth,
I sprout but a broken seed.
If only we could dine together!
And I offer my joy as a little gratitude
Your scowl is like a dark cloud, and its ally; thunder that claps loudly.

Loudly: call my name.
Call me out of hovelled beliefs for once.
Come back daybreak, it’s your time to bide.
Come then and swallow; these bestial dreams and hollow.
I’ll be tough when you are around,
Still, I will tarry at noon, but I will be vanquished at sunset.
Stay daybreak stay.

A poem by Tonny Wandella