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This is a guest article by Tanya Chopp that explore the changing world of blogging, are you ready?

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For years, brands have been encouraged to ‘think like publishers.’ This has meant that many companies have jumped into creating editorial calendars and opted into brand storytelling. However, the times are changing. Now, for those who wish to emulate a publisher’s approach to content creation, there’s another major component to account for: audio.

For marketers, audio offers an engaging form of content, one that can help you truly stand out. Here, we’ll dive into why audio content is becoming a more popular form of media enrichment for some of the world’s best publications, and how your brand can take advantage.

Turn Your Blog Articles into Podcasts or Audio Blogs

Most brands that identify as storytellers will also have a company blog. Complementing your existing posts with a narrated audio file can offer a huge asset.

If you think about it from the audience’s perspective, many of us are reading while we’re working. Maybe we’re conducting industry research, or giving our brains a break by visiting our favorite blog. But, how much reading do you get through before you’re interrupted?

In most occupations, there are times throughout the day where we are a little distracted. Just look at how many tabs are open on your browser right now. How many of them did you abandon?

Chances are a lot.

Here are a few other reasons why audio content is a great supplement to your overall content mix.

Audio Messages Can Be Delivered Directly to Multi-Taskers

Further to the point above, audio content is easy for audiences to throw on in the background while they work away at other tasks, like data entry, processing lines of code, driving their truck around the worksite and more.

Reading articles, on the other hand, is an activity that requires total focus. By incorporating an audio player into your blog post or website, you get the best of both worlds – a medium that multi-taskers can enjoy, as well as the ability to serve up your carefully crafted content in its entirety.

Audio Content Can Be Served Up as a Podcast, Offering You a New Way to Get Discovered

If you love re-purposing content, you know that the practice is one way to work smarter and not harder. The articles that you already have, on your blog or through your company publications are essentially scripts, that you can use to create an audio version.

After you’ve recorded your audio blog, not only can you embed the content on your website, you can also serve it up through other distribution channels as a podcast.

Think how much farther your content could go if it was syndicated and distributed through Apple iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify? Even Amazon is getting into the podcast game. By creating an audio version and submitting your podcast, you’re able to expose your content to new audiences and earn new fans.

Audio Offers a Richer, More Personal Experience with Your Content and Brand

Humans learn how to communicate verbally long before we ever learn to read. Listening to someone’s voice taps into something primal in us, and paints a picture that only the human voice can.

When you enrich the content experience with audio, you stand to draw audiences closer to your brand. Think of the last time you listened to someone tell you a great story, or the last time someone personally helped you by walking you through a challenge.

This is not to slight the written word, which is incredibly powerful, but vocal interactions are much more personal than a written article on it’s own, even if it covers the same subject matter, or holds the same entertaining or educational information.

With audio, you deliver the richness of tone, inflection, emotion, and personality, all of which aren’t as easily gleaned from words on a page.

Lastly, these audio files allow you to express your brand voice in a very literal way… And isn’t that just magical?

With all factors considered, it’s clear that audio offers advantages to brand marketers who are looking to carve out space in a saturated market. Not only are audiences open to audio content, but they’re also demanding it, as well as enabling their homes, cars, cell phones and more to distribute audio content, on-demand.

Will you start producing audio versions of your content?

source: https://www.voices.com

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