5 Stress Management Techniques (With audio version)

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Written by: Jasper Gates, M.A.

Have you been feeling stressed out lately? As if you can’t handle work, home, family, or life in general. The stress is piling up and you are not sure what to do. Well here are some quick tips to managing stress so you don’t feel so chaotic in your life:

1.Take a 10 minute walk. According to a few experts if you take a walk it will help reduce endorphins in the system that cause stress.

2. Practice mindfulness. Learning to focus on your breathing can help you reduce stress. If you are able to take a few minutes out of day and breath in silence this can greatly help you reduce your stress.

3. Create an exercise regiment. If you can spend some time of your day getting in a workout that you enjoy for about 45 this can also help reduce the amount of stress that you receive and help you manage it.

4. Write a reflection journal. Create a journal where you can write down your thoughts and process events that have happened to you. This can help you get a fresh prospective about the situations you are in.

5. Organize yourself. Set aside a few minutes a day to create a planner in order to get your thoughts straight and take in a chill pill to avoid the chaos that might be taking place around you currently.

These are just a few points and tips to help get the stress you may have under control. One of the best ways you can help control your stress is by coming up with ideas on your own that have worked on reducing those stressful moments. The best stress manager is yourself. 

Source: http://cy-hopecounseling.org