By Ramone Anderon-Stewart

David Goggins is a super athlete, but might better be described as a superhuman. Can’t Hurt Me is the autobiography of Goggins’ journey of overcoming limiting self-concepts placed upon him through childhood trauma. 

At the hands of an abusive father, his self-confidence is shattered. He is a chronic bedwetter, his Mum suffers horribly in an abusive relationship; he witnesses a child’s head pop like a balloon as he is run over by a school bus. By his mid twenties he is married, overweight and in a dead end job. The two men on the cover are worlds apart and it all comes down to a deep determination Goggins has to overcome the person he was, to fulfill his potential.

Goggins is not of any particular faith, but in an interview with the Tom Ferry Podcast while promoting his book, he discusses the idea of standing before God on the day he dies. He tells a story of a man who is called to the front of the queue to be admitted into heaven, yet the person who is called according to who God intended him to be and the person who arrives are two different people. What he was supposed to become and who he failed to live up to, are two vastly different people. The reality of that scared him and he describes never wanting to be in that position. 

In another interview, Goggins’ describes a small voice that speaks very matter of factly about his situation. The voice encourages him saying if he faces the situations that instill him with fear, it won’t be as terrifying as he imagines. He believes that to be the voice of God. Biblically, there is evidence of this as according to 1 Kings 19:12, after there was a powerful wind, an earthquake and fire, the Lord spoke to the prophet Elijah in a whisper. Many times we expect God to show up to us loud and mightily, but being humble and gentle, it is in the stillness and silence is where He appears to us.

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