Rise of The Conqueror (With audio version)

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From the dawn of time to the end of time man will battle his desires.
Many will succumb, torn piecemeal by their conscience. Broken, they will fall into the abyss of despair; never to raise again.
But you are different! You have no choice but to rise above the noise. You have come this far, yet still there’s further to travel.

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You must push on and stay on the path. Do you remember how littered with temptations the path was at first? Now you know, these temptations fade away with time, though of course it’s still scattered with brambles, pitfalls and hills to climb, you will keep pressing further, pushing onwards, ever onwards on your quest.
Why? Because you are unlike the masses. You don’t have to be what others want you to be. You are free to be you. You have the heart of a conqueror.
You are conqueror of your inner demons, you are conqueror of your mind, body and soul. You will forever relinquish fear, lack of confidence and self-limiting belief. They now cease to exist.
For you are stronger than you appear to be, the strength of the world rests inside of you.
From today, there is no retreating, only repositioning. There is no hesitation, only thinking.
You have the mindset of someone who controls their destiny.
This is the way of the conqueror.
Stand strong in the storm, master yourself and reach far into the future. Savour the blood, sweat and hard work. You are being forged for greatness.
Rise each dawn with the knowledge … desire is inevitable. Surrender is optional.

YOU ARE CONQUEROR of your world. Now rise, and face your day.