Book Review – American Marxism

By Gary Tolley, columnist

This month I review American Marxism by Mark R. Levin (Threshold Editions, ISBN 978-1-5011-3597-2, hardcover). 

In American Marxism,  Levin explains that the goal of Marxism is to destroy a nation from within so that the current form of government can be replaced with a totalitarian one.  Marxism has now infected the White House, Congress, the mainstream media, government schools, corporate boardrooms, colleges and universities, Hollywood, and even professional sports. 

There’s one important detail about Marxist revolutions that proponents of Marxism don’t like to mention, though: They always end in death and disaster.

Levin explains the Marxist idea that in order to overthrow a government, a mass movement is needed – one based on hatred toward the present society.  The tools needed to do this include creating conflict and strife, weaponizing race and economic differences, and controlling the narrative with complicit politicians and media.  The key to all of this, though, is to create an army of brainwashed soldiers. 

This means that the Marxists are after the country’s most precious resource – your children.  Our children.  America’s youth.  They want to teach them to hate America, to hate capitalism and the Constitution.  Marxists understand that in order to topple a government, the schools need to be weaponized in order to control thought.  The younger the minds, the better.

American Marxism also explores the origins and dangers of Critical Race Theory (“CRT”).  CRT basically stands for the idea that (i) America is fundamentally racist and terrible, (ii) all whites are to blame, and (iii) all whites must therefore support “anti-racist” preferences for non-whites for an undetermined amount of time.  CRT is now being taught in public schools from coast to coast – a wonderful use of taxpayer dollars, don’t you think?  

American Marxism addresses the Environmental Justice Movement and its Marxist underpinnings which are fully embraced by the Biden administration.  Levin notes that Biden recently announced a plan to spend $10B on a Civilian Climate Corps.  Does this sound like the beginnings of an anti-American army to you?

Chapter 6 is a powerful chapter about how media, big tech, and the Democrats have embraced Marxist ideas, and how dangerous this is. Levin provides examples of how the media is no longer neutral.  Thanks to American Marxism, I can tell you I won’t be watching or buying any Ken Burns films!  Levin drives home the point that journalism in America is in a sorry state.  When fake news stories win Pulitzer Prizes, something is wrong. 

The last chapter is a call to action.  Levin provides the reader with useful tips on combatting the threat of Marxism in America.  Curiously, he recommends avoiding “when possible”, but is a place where people can buy his book.  Life is full of compromises, I suppose. The more people that read this book, the better off we will all be.  America is under attack, and we must act now to save it. 

Proponents of Marxism are quoted at length (knowing how the enemy thinks is crucial to defeating the threat), and Levin efficiently dismantles their arguments.  That said, the length of some of the quotes can make parts of American Marxism difficult to get through.

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