Conqueror Within (With audio version)
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Life does not get better by chance.

You can meditate day and night until your brain is as numb as your arse!

You can listen to the best advices and ancient wisdom, yet it will not improve your life.

There are no shortcuts from just wishing. You must work work work. Take action and gain momentum, no matter how miniscule it appears. Keep moving forward.

To achieve these results, you must ignite the sleeping conqueror within you.

How? You may ask.

Through self-motivation. Millions have trod their own path to fulfilment before you. They were no better or worse than you. All they did was believe and took action. You can too.

You only need to begin your journey into your inner self, the part of us that wants to achieve will soon follow the new lead you give it.

It has been anxiously waiting for your instruction. All it needs is encouragement and it will show the way.

The sleeping conqueror within you will seek the light, it never fails.

We must fuel its needs each and every day. Talking to your sleeping conqueror will become as natural as breathing.

It will rise, keep believing in this innate power. It will conquer self-limiting belief, fear and slay the dragons of doubt.

The conqueror within you has untold powers, waiting to be released. It has waited too long without instruction.

For, you are stronger than you appear to be, the strength of the world rests inside of you.

Let the conqueror loose!

Now rise and face your day.

You are conqueror of your life.