Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra renders show new ‘waterdrop’ design and colors

The Galaxy S22 Ultra could ditch the camera bump with a sleeker camera design.

Yet another Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra design has been leaked and rendered, but this time the leakers are convinced this is the closest look yet at the real thing.

These images come from LetsGoDigital, which consulted with Korean source “Super Roader” and then gave the details to render artist Parvez “Technizio Concept” Khan to bring to life.

The result is a “waterdrop” camera design that looks very different than the current Galaxy S21 range, possibly both for aesthetic and practical reasons.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the rumors, there’s already been two previous concepts of how the rear camera of the S22 Ultra would look. Initially, there was the “P”-shaped block design, a blend of the familiar in-line and rectangular camera blocks seen on many modern smartphones.

Then there was the “11” design which split the cameras across two parallel lines. Now this design suggests there won’t be a block at all, just the lenses sitting flush with the back of the phone.

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