The “Secret” to Writing Blockbuster Articles

By The Art of Blogging

Tell me if this has ever happened to you: it’s Monday morning, and you’re ready to get some writing done. In your head, you’re already publishing a blockbuster article. The only thing that’s missing is the red carpet.

But then you sit at your desk. That damn blank page reflects the image of a creatively bankrupt ; your fingers are stubborn, the muse is shy.

You want to write brilliant articles. But you just can’t…

What’s the secret to being consistent, anyway?

How do you punch the keys, if your mind feels empty?

The truth is, writing is half magic, half strategy.

And today we’re going to have some fun and talk about a secret that allows you to magically sit at your desk and punch those damn keys.

Most bloggers struggle because they approach writing as the act of creating something out of nothing. It’s the main reason you want to bash your head against the keyboard.

In fact, writing the damn thing should be the easiest part of content creation.

Once I realized that you can’t create something out of nothing, I could wake up at 5 AM, have a sip of coffee, and sit down to punch those damn keys until my hands hurt.

No more time wasted staring stupidly into the abyss of a blank document, no more cursing that blinking cursor thing.

The Secret? The Brain Dump

I assure you of this: every single blogger who struggles to come up with ideas for articles, they do so because they don’t go through the step I’m about to share with you.

In other words, before you start thinking about writing, you need to warm up the creative muscle.

How do you do that?


Feed your brain.

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Great Bloggers Steal… Kind Of

The truth is most bloggers struggle because they try to write in a void. They approach the blank page as a world of infinite possibilities.

If you were to place me in a dark room, with no access to humankind’s collective ideas and thoughts, also known as the internet, I’d be like, “Uhm… yeah… ahm… where did my brain go?”

Most bloggers are plagued by the curse of originality, meaning that they are trying to create something out of nothing.

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