Oculus Quest Pro possibly leaked in new videos — here’s your first look

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The Oculus Quest Pro could revealed this week with a very different design.

It’s been some time since we heard anything about the Oculus Quest Pro, which Facebook claims is set to arrive long before the Oculus Quest 3. Well now we might have just had a pretty hefty leak, thanks to a number of videos posted on Twitter.

The videos come from user @Basti564 who posted a series of what appear to be marketing promos for a new Oculus headset alongside download links. They’re videos that appear to show off the headset’s design and potentially confirm some of its rumored features.

The design of the headset is a little different to the Oculus Quest 2. There’s a more goggle-inspired design, and a crest that’s not too dissimilar from that on the PSVR. The videos also only show a single strap, skipping the one that typically goes over a user’s head.

The first (above) shows off a user customizing the look of their avatar, which is in itself not that impressive. However, the key thing to note is that she’s scrolling through everything without the aid of a controller, and the headset seems to be reacting to her facial expressions. 

In other words it seems to confirm that the Oculus Quest Pro will come with a bunch of external sensors to keep itself aware of everything you are doing.

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