The 8 Best Mindfulness Books of 2021

By Very Well Mind

Our Top Picks

Don’t Hate, Meditate! 5 Easy Practices

“The pick unpacks the five spiritual mindsets and offers up meditations and quizzes to help the reader learn more about themself.”

In Courage Journal: A Daily Practice for Self-Discovery

“Touching on everyday themes like stress and burnout, it also offers motivational excerpts, mantras, and affirmations.”

Go All In Journal

“With space for jotting down your long term goals and dreams, the journal’s meant to be written in every day.”

Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul

“Each day, Beattie offers up a new meditation that leads readers back to a place of compassion and mental well-being.”

Turning the Mind Into an Ally

“Written for those unfamiliar with meditation, this book breaks down the foundations of the practice in an understandable way.”

The Mind-Gut Connection

“A must-read for understanding how the brain and gut are connected, the author shares how to implement changes for better immunity.”

Clean Mind, Clean Body: A 28-Day Plan for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Self-Care

“Stiles preaches the importance of self-care, and shares her four-week detox for the body, mind, and spirit.”

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

“Ideal for those looking to get started with breath work, the author explains the history and offers several techniques.”

No matter what your day-to-day looks like, mindfulness can be a helpful tool to come back to calm and be more present. Defined, mindfulness is the practice of becoming more fully aware of the present moment—without judgement—rather than dwelling in the past or projecting into the future. Generally, it involves focusing on certain senses wholly, like noticing your breathing or focusing on the feel of your feet on the ground, while being as focused on the moment as possible. 

If you’re looking to learn more about mindfulness and figure out how to implement it more regularly in your life, finding a book that explains different aspects could be extremely helpful. Also, worthwhile, as research shows that mindfulness can help improve our immunity response1 and reduce cell aging. With a little help from top experts, you may just find new ways to make the most of each day.

Here, the best mindfulness book options on the market.

Don’t Hate, Meditate! 5 Easy Practices

In this book, Meghan Monahan unpacks the five spiritual mindsets (presence, acceptance, intention, non-judgment, and trust) and how they are the key to unlocking happiness with your life. She also offers up themed meditations and quizzes to help the reader learn more about themself, in a fresh, friendly voice that feels like you’re catching up with a good friend. The 11 Best Books for Depression, According to an Expert

In Courage Journal: A Daily Practice for Self-Discovery

This book touches on a lot of themes that we deal with in everyday life, including stress, anxiety, burnout, and more. With excerpts offering motivation and encouragement for some of our most difficult moments, via mantras and affirmations, this is more than just a guided journal. Owners will be encouraged to complete prompts daily, with the overall goal to further process emotions, practice regular self-care, and be more attune to gratitude.The 10 Best Gratitude Journals of 2021

Go All In Journal

Start off your mindfulness practice with Rachel Hollis’ step-by-step guide meant to help you figure out exactly where you want to go. Start by doing some guided visualization work and jotting down your long term goals and dreams. Then, the book is meant to be written in every day.

Each morning, the journal asks you to focus on one of three things: gratitude, dreams for the future, and one big goal. For more guidance on your journey, Hollis offers up supplementary podcast episodes and information on her website. 

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