2021 Cars: Which New Cars Have Manual Transmissions?

By Kelsey Mays

Cars with manual transmissions have become an endangered species — but don’t declare them extinct just yet. Automakers still feature the three-pedal setup, if rarely, in today’s new or redesigned cars.

The resurrected Ford Bronco SUV, for example, arrives with an available seven-speed manual, and Toyota offers a manual in its recently redesigned Corolla with some trick features to ease operation. Indeed, Toyota not only kept the stick shift alive for the Corolla, but it also did so for the Tacoma pickup truck and GR 86 sports car, the latter skipping the 2021 model year but returning for 2022 with a six-speed manual. 

Honda, on the other hand, has nixed the Civic Si coupe for 2021 and killed the Fit hatchback, both of which offered manuals. Shoppers looking to buy a 2021 Accord or Civic sedan with a stick shift will also be forced to look to a different model (or model year), as these cars no longer come with their former six-speed manuals. Other vehicles that go automatic-only for 2021 include the Hyundai Venue and Jeep Compass.

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