What’s Leaving Netflix in November 2021

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It’s time to have a look at what’s due to be departing Netflix in the United States throughout November 2021. This ongoing post will be updated over time to reflect all the movies and shows leaving throughout the month.

For those unfamiliar with how our leaving posts work, here’s a quick intro. We typically get word of titles leaving Netflix around 30 days before they’re due with said titles carrying removal notices. We get an expanded list towards the end of the month prior from Netflix with additional removals.

You may notice our removals list looks a little different from other outlets. That’s because we strive to pick up every removal and not just the handpicked titles in the Netflix PR release. In addition, we list titles on their actual day of removal and not the day before like other outlets.

Missed any of the October 2021 removals? We’re continuing to update those removals here. You can also see all the removals for December 2021 here.

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