17 Easy Exercises to Stay Active While Bedridden

By Hadiqa Inam

Have you had to take care of a bedridden patient in your life? Perhaps you are taking care of one right now. Bedridden does not necessarily mean a permanent condition. Majority of the surgeries require patients to rest and stay in bed for a while. It can be for a day, two days, a couple of weeks and sometimes months. It can be longer for patients who experienced serious injuries, such as brain trauma or spinal injury. In all cases, there are many things you should take care of. You must have heard that bedridden patients must change sides every two hours. Hygiene and exercise are very important for them, so they can build strength and recover faster. Here are 17 exercises to stay active while bedridden that will help getting back up on your feet quicker and easier. These exercises are helpful for elderly people as well.

Exercise for Bedridden Patients

What is exercise? Is it weight-lifting? Building muscles? Going to the gym? Working out till your muscles are sore? Exercise is any activity which enhances and maintains physical fitness and health. For a healthy individual like yourselves, all daily chores are exercises. Walking, climbing stairs, picking up your own stuff, reaching for an object at a distance or height, doing the dishes, changing clothes- These automatically includes joint and muscle movement.

For elderly people and bedridden patients, daily chores for them are restricted. They cannot do what they did daily. Muscle inactivity for a long time can cause complications. It can hinder in recovery and progress. Blood clots can also form in inactive patients. Light exercise also prevents the formation of bedsores. There are very simple exercises to keep patients’ muscles healthy and active when bedridden. Active body, active mind. Healthy body, healthy mind. Start slow, and do five repetitions of each exercise. You can increase the number of repetitions every next day.

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