8 Trending Books That Live Up to the Hype


Maybe it’s a sign of the times, maybe it’s my social media addiction, but whenever I’m looking for a new book to wholly consume my every waking thought, I always check what my favorite book nerds are positing about online. Finding these influences and their opinions isn’t hard; there are so many platforms that give avid readers an easy place to share their shelves. Goodreads, Book Twitter, Bookstagram, BookTube and Booktok—all great places to find book recommendations from readers around the world. But with so much out there in so many different genres, it can be hard to figure out which reads are the true gems. Here are eight books sure to capture your imagination that are also the talk of the virtual town. Check out my TikTok for even more recs!

Ugly Loveby Colleen Hoover

Affairs of the heart are not for everyone, but a little friends-with-benefits with some spicy drama on the side? Please and thank you. UGLY LOVE follows Tate, newly moved in with her brother for a fresh start in life, and Miles, an airline pilot who winds up drunk at Tate’s new place. The two can’t deny their chemistry, but neither is looking for a romantic commitment, so they promise to keep it casual. And when it all inevitably falls apart, their chemistry threatens to blow up their entire lives. There’s a reason people can’t help but talk this one up; the interplay between our leads and their complex relationship is intensely alluring and keeps you guessing whether they’ll get the ending they’re looking for.

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