I Married a Mermaid

By Intellectual Shaman

I don’t know what we were trying to do, or possibly, what we were trying to find, but I found myself squeezed between two of my best friends in a pickup truck that had been threatening to die for the last 50 miles. Then it did. We were near the national forest by the coast, and I could smell the salty air blowing through the trees.

“It’s gonna rain,” I said. “Why don’t you drive to that turnoff.”

Clayton guided his dying beast under some maple trees where a semi-truck was parked.

Then the sky opened up. “Let’s run for it. I could use a drink right about now,” Brad said.

In the time it took to sprint 20 paces, we were all soaked. We entered the bar and the firelight caught my eye. A fisherman in a grey beard sat in the corner, and a girl who wasn’t more than 12 years old served the other men drinks.

I chose the fire, while Brad and Clayton ordered whiskey.

“We wanted an adventure and we found this place—not bad,” I said.

Then a beautiful woman walked into the room. She was young with mature mannerisms and her height towered above us.

“You see, you’ll never find a creature like that in the city,” Clayton said.

“You’ll never get with a creature like that, period,” Brad suggested.

“You wanna bet?” Clayton asked.

“Drinks for the rest of the evening?”

“You’re on.”

I watched in amusement as my friend who was at least 6 inches shorter, approached.

“Uhhh. Excuse me?”

My friend looked like a flower bending towards her nose to be sniffed.

“Yes?” She asked.

“I uhhhh, just noticed… uhh, that uhhh you are very pretty.”

“Thank you, but I’m with that gentleman over there.” She pointed to the fisherman who was dressed in a moldy coat and an oil stained cap. He looked up from his pipe with amusement.

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