The Top 50 Apps For Poets And Writers (Android & iOS)

By Pick me up poetry

There’s no shortage of apps and websites for poets and writers on the Internet, and everyone has their own set of go-to apps for everything from planning, editing to publishing. So, we did some digging around and compiled this list of the top 50 apps for poets and writers so you can discover some new products that could help supercharge your workflow.

Whether you’re looking for an app to get the creative juices flowing, edit or publish, there’s something here for everyone!

iA Writer (Android & iOS )

iA Writer is a minimal, distraction-free writing app with a clean interface and language analysis tools to help you write in any environment with no distractions.

Writers can use this app to organise their thoughts before they start working on an essay or article. The user can choose between two modes: Distraction Mode, which allows the user to focus only on writing, or Markdown Mode, which is geared towards those who know how to use markdown.

Google Docs (Android & iOS)

Google Docs is a free and easy-to-use word processing app that lets you create, edit and share your documents everywhere. It allows users to work on the same document simultaneously with other people, whether they use PCs or Mac computers.

This app offers an array of tools for writers, such as a spell checker, track changes, and a chatbox. The user can also download their documents to Microsoft Word.

Grammarly Keyboard (Android & iOS)

Grammarly’s free keyboard for iOS helps you write mistake-free on any app, anywhere.

This is an advanced writing app that will help writers of all levels enhance their work. It provides instant corrections to spelling and grammar mistakes so the user can ensure their message has been communicated properly. 

The keyboard also works offline so users can send emails without an Internet connection.

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