12 Traits & Characteristics of A Good Personal Trainer

By Origym

What makes a good personal trainer? Allow us to explain!

The first thing that we want to get out there is that there is no set ‘personal trainer personality’. 

Below are some characteristics and traits that can make a good PT, but your dreams of a career in the fitness industry are by no means doomed if you don’t tick all of these boxes.

The ideal personal trainer personality type is by no means set in stone. But, there are a couple traits that you’ll either need to have or that you should work on if you want to be successful as a PT. 

Here they are!

1. Patient

Being patient is a huge part of being a personal trainer. You’ll have clients who stop and start with their training, some who struggle with motivation, and others who get impatient when they don’t see results as quickly as they would like.

You’ll train people of all ages and abilities, each with different personalities, exercise goals, and motivations. What works for one person won’t always work for somebody else, sometimes for no other reason than they simply don’t enjoy it.

In some cases you’ll have clients who just don’t listen to you, they won’t stick to their training plan outside of your sessions or they’ll binge on takeaways all weekend, and then wonder why they aren’t making any progress. 

For all and any of these reasons, it can take time to find a way of training that works for individual clients – which is why having patience is so important if you want to be a good PT.

The biggest key to seeing results from exercise is finding something that you can do consistently

Taking the time to create a tailored programme that your client will stick to can require a lot of patience, but it is really important. 

2. Communication 

Despite what a lot of people think, being extroverted isn’t the only personal trainer personality type. 

The idea that you have to be overly outgoing to be a PT is nothing more than a stereotype. There are plenty of different kinds of personalities in the industry, so even if you’re more of an introvert you can still do well in this role.

Nevertheless, good communication skills are still important. 

As a PT, it’s important that you can communicate well in face to face situations, but also over the phone, via email, and by text.

Don’t get confused, even if you’re more of an introvert, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a good communicator – these two characteristics are not mutually exclusive. 

So why do PTs need good communication skills? These skills are essential for interactions between yourself and your clients, and yourself and your prospective clients.

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