13 Important Insights Learned on My Journey To Finding, Choosing, Creating and Building my Fastlane Business.

Like you, the Millionaire Fastlane  book changed my life.

Before reading the book, I thought all the business ideas I came up with were amazing.

It wasn’t until I ran them through CENTS that I realized I needed a MAJOR reality check about what was REALLY going to lead to a liquidation event, and finally allow me to live the life I have dreamed about.

MJ’s book finally allowed me to dump my brain of all the ineffective business ideas that were only going to waste my time and keep me feeling trapped and frustrated in the circle I was living in.

In this post below, I want to share some important things I have learned on my journey to finding a fastlane vehicle that adds a ton of value, and scales to millions without violating the fastlane commandments CENTS.

Hopefully the lessons and insights below will help you on your fastlane journey. Enjoy!

1) Get Your Mind Right

If you really want to build a fastlane business that leads to a liquidation event, you first must get your mind right. Without the right mindset, you will literally sabotage your success before you even get started.

Let me explain.

Instead of avoiding these things while building your fastlane business, change the way you think about them.

Here let me help you do that…

Failure = Feedback
Making Mistakes = Learning what doesn’t work so you can get closer to learning what works

Ask any entrepreneur what their biggest failure was when they were building their multi-million dollar venture…and then ask them what they learned from that failure that made them a milti-millionaire.

You may be surprised at their answer, but it will give you the context and necessary distinctions you need to make your venture a success. Ideally it is best to ask entrepreneurs in the industry you choose to build your fastlane business in to get the best guidance and help (more on that later).

SIDENOTE: I am sure @MJ DeMarco would be more than willing to share where he screwed up and failed while building limos.com. Have you ever thought about asking him?

Many people let failure stop them dead in their tracks, which is why so many people choose to slave away at a 9-5 job without creating any leverage in their life. These people let the possibility of failing even stop them from starting anything. The fear paralyzes them and keeps them stuck in their ho hum 9-5 life.

Now this doesn’t mean having a job while building your fastlane business is a bad thing. Sometimes you’ve gotta do what you gotta do at the start of your fastlane business to pay bills and eat…but you should never lose sight about your purpose for having a job while building your dream.

Another big thing I want to share that relates to “getting your mind right” is STOP BEING A VICTIM!

If you f*cked up and got yourself in a crappy situation…OWN IT.

Blaming others for your problems solves NOTHING!

There is nothing I hate more than seeing someone who is always making excuses for why their life sucks. Take some responsibility for your life, and do what you have to do to to make progress, and get into a situation that serves you and you building your fastlane business.

The next thing about getting your mind right that I want to share is… COMMITMENT!

This is by far one of the biggest “mindset shifting” things that I have had to learn the hard way.

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