36 Prompts to Help You Plan an Awesome New Year


Use these New Year prompts to plan your year.

The holiday season is here, which means the New Year is just around the corner. It’s never too early to start thinking of ways to make this year even better than the last.

Below you’ll find 36 prompts to help you plan an awesome New Year.

1. One habit I’m going to build.

2. One bad habit I’m going to break.

3. One person I’m going to forgive.

4. One person I’m going to befriend or reconnect with.

5. One person I’m going to spend more time with.

6. One way I’m going to strengthen my personal relationship.

7. One thing I’m going to create.

8. One negative belief I’m going to drop.

9. One positive belief I’m going to reinforce.

10. One unhealthy food I’m going to stop eating.

11. One healthy food I’m going to start eating.

12. One book I’m going to read.

13. One new place I’m going to visit.

14. One adventure I’m going to go on.

15. One hobby I’m going to try.

16. One personal development goal I’m going to achieve.

17. One fitness goal I’m going to achieve.

18. One new food I’m going to try.

19. One fear I’m going to overcome.

20. One risk I’m going to take.

21. One thing I’m going to throw out.

22. One thing I’m going to save for and purchase.

23. One way I’m going to make more money.

24. One expense I’m cutting out.

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