Prestige road – Psychological Thriller Short Story


On what should have been an otherwise happy anniversary, ended tragically when a couple identified as Marylynne Andrews (35) and David Smith Andrews (35) were found with their throats slit in their car on Prestige road late last night. Authorities say that the couple were out for dinner for their first anniversary and were driving back home when the incident occurred, making their murders the thirteenth and fourteenth to occur on that road in the last five days. The number of murders are quickly escalating and the police warn the public to avoid that road.

Prestige road is very long and has many diversions. Until we get word from the top, we can’t put up streetlights in the area. We are doing all we can to prevent further incidents, but we currently lack the manpower. We advise the public to avoid Prestige road at all costs,”

Derek King, a police official said.

We have a partial description of the murderer according to a few witnesses. We would like to stress on the fact that this description is only based on reports we have received and may not be 100% accurate. We would appreciate it if anyone who knows anything related to the case comes forward.

From eyewitness’ statements, a description of the potential murderer has been released.

A criminal analyst says,

Due to the strength required to commit the murders, we believe the murder to be a male of considerable height, around or a bit more than six feet. He should be athletically built with dark blonde hair. He could have a limp, but that is still unclear. If anyone sees or hears anything, please call us on 98***0000.

* * *

She read the article. Once, twice, thrice. Sweat trickled down her back and she jumped every time she heard a sound.
Checking, again, to see if her doors were locked, she turned off the car light. ‘I knew I shouldn’t have taken this road!’ She thought, ‘stupid, stupid, stupid!’

She was late and needed to be back home soon. But something, some feeling made her take the shortcut through Prestige road. And by some cruel trick of fate, her car tire burst and she was too scared to get out and fix it.

The horn sounded, letting the entire world hear her location. Her blood left her face. She was dead now. Seeing no other option, she waited, and waited.

Almost an hour later, a pair of headlights became visible up the road, and slowly the car made its way towards her. She prayed the car would continue and not stop. Her luck had run out.

The car stopped in front of her and the engine was turned off. Out stepped a man. The first thing she noticed about him was his height. He was tall. Tall, and he looked like someone who worked out. You don’t get those kind of muscles sitting behind a computer screen.

“A male of considerable height, around or a bit more than six feet.”

Those words from the newspaper flashed though her mind. The man came up to her side of the window and tapped it. She figured the best thing to do was continue to stare ahead and ignore him.

“Hey, my name is Austin Sam. Do you need help with your car?” His southern accent sent shivers down her spine. She saw his dark blonde hair and her heart stopped cold.

“No thanks,” she managed to squeeze out, “I’m just waiting for someone. My husband.”

He laughed. “Look ma’am, I was just passing by when I saw your flat tire. You need my help. Either I help you or you’ll get caught by that killer… murderer.. or whatever.”

She was adamant, “I’m fine. Really. You can leave now.”

“And leave a poor helpless lady alone to fend for herself? What kind of a monster do you think I am?” he joked. “You can sit inside if you want. Lock your doors. I’m going to change your tire.” With that, he set out to work.

She remained frozen in her seat. She knew he was dangerous. Knew it to her bones. And she was alone with him. And she was terrified.

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