15 Simple Steps To Conquer Dieting

By Mark Weeks

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, there’s no need for toughing things out. All you need is to create a few new habits – like staying motivated by making simple changes in your life!

Firstly, if following trends proves hard at first then give yourself time; eventually the new routine will become second nature, many schools of authority suggest 30 days of practicing a new routine then becomes second nature. So much so that going along with these practices becomes enjoyable rather than tedious or difficult. Keep it going:)

Simply master these simple 15 motivational steps first and gradually add to them, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your focus and results. What have you got to lose? (pun intended 🙂 )1.  Keep your mind positive. Read something motivational in the morning before your work day kicks in. There’s enough motivation at your finger tips these days to last a life time. Kind of makes you wonder why the negativity win-out mostly. Maybe a blog for another day:) Stay positive! Maybe read something forfree by Mark Weeks (founder of all things Conqueror)

2. Once you’ve decided to move towards a productive lifestyle, you need to disregard a sedentary lifestyle. It’s all about momentum. Keep going forward, it’s not a race with others.

3. Find a diet plan that suits your daily life routine and is easy-to-follow. This way you won’t face trouble maintaining it for longer intervals. It’s preferred to get in touch with a certified dietitian to get a custom-built diet plan. It might quicken your results, but you know you better than anyone.

4. Take baby steps. Set small goals at first; once you start moving towards your desired routine nothing can stop you from achieving your goals!

5.  Unfollow those Instagram modelsthat mislead you and make you feel any inferior and then add @urconqueror 🙂

6.  Make a food journal with a difference! Try out some delicious and healthy recipes you’ve always wanted to cook, eat, and note it down to for future use. Checkout these Amazon books to get the ball rolling.

7.  Don’t weigh yourself daily. If you feel healthy and fit, then the weight scale can say whatever it likes. Sometimes, you may be losing fat but gaining muscle simultaneously, which can keep the numbers on the scale persistent. Weighing yourself is an easy trap to demotivation, don’t fall for it.

8.  Photograph your progress monthly. That way, you can keep an eye on your development without getting demotivated. There’s no need to share it with others.

9.  Thought about getting a dog? You can take him with you whenever you’re off to walk or jog. He will make you run and sweat more. Besides, who’s a more loyal friend than a dog? Huh?

10. Talk to an expert trainer and ask for advice according to your current body progress levels. Checkout your Facebook friends, someone always knows someone willing to part some wisdom.

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