How to Make Your Brand Resonate with Your Customer Base (With audio)
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By Tonny Wandella

For businesses in every industry, branding is one of the most important focuses – and pain points. It’s a huge concept that’s been misunderstood, misdefined, and exaggerated as a “silver bullet” for increasing sales. When it comes to creating a consistent brand that resonates with your people, branding is an excellent marketing tool, but we need to refocus on what’s really important.

Before you even introduce the word “logo,” be sure you’ve considered all of the other aspects of your brand’s visual identity. What does your company stand for? What exactly do you want to say? What exactly are you trying to sell? The answers to these questions lay the groundwork for a successful brand. Are you ready to jump right in? Let’s begin by considering what your brand’s visual identity must achieve in order to engage with your customers.

Make sure your product or service is compatible with Your Brand.

Next, the appearance of your brand must correspond to the nature of your product or service. We recently discussed how your brand must resonate with your target demographic; now it must also match the product you are attempting to sell. Color psychology has been extensively researched, which explains why health products are frequently green, food products are frequently red, and bridges are never yellow. It may sound corny or overused, but it works, and there’s a reason why the most successful brands meticulously match their image to their product or service.

Make the audience feel something

People don’t want to be sold anything or told something; instead, they want to be made to feel something. People are persuaded by the emotion evoked by your brand’s appearance. Begin by making a list of the values that are most important to your company. This could include being family-owned, having local roots, growing organically, giving back to the community, or encouraging staff to continue their education. Whatever items make the cut, make sure to use them to engage with your target audience via your brand.

Incorporate your “story” into your website and marketing materials to emotionally charge your brand. Tell others about your hardships and victories that have brought you to this point. Your brand will become more genuine, relatable, and memorable as a result of this.

Maintain a professional and consistent attitude.

Finally, and most crucially, you must have a professional brand that is consistent across all modes of communication. To maintain consistency, it’s best to use the same graphic artist or marketing business. Use the same artist to design each piece if you’re doing it in-house.

To begin, invest on high-quality photos and typefaces to keep your brand professional. A small investment in these resources has a significant impact on the final result. Next, maintain consistency by updating our new colors, logos, and design across all marketing tools (website, social media accounts, business cards, email signature, invoices, and so on). Your brand’s professionalism and consistency are immediately reflected in the professionalism and consistency clients demand from your offerings.

Are You Ready for A Change?

You connect with customers by sharing their dreams, wants, and desires. You connect with them on a personal level. You connect with people by providing information rather than a sales pitch. You connect with people better when you talk on benefits rather than features. So keep working on these areas and build an awesome brand for your customers.

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