10 Inbound Marketing Tools to Improve Your Brand’s Image

By Amber Kemmis

Looking for ways to improve your brand’s image? Let’s start by looking at some brands that are doing it right. 

While Blockbuster has closed most of its stores, Netflix has grown to over 60 million subscribers as the marketing platform called the internet continues to expand. Although Netflix’s brand doesn’t have a clever slogan or flashy logo, the company has managed to bring its brand image into the daily lives of over 139 million people (actually, it’s probably triple that if you consider how many homes have multiple users on one subscription). What does Netflix owe for its success?

Although technology and innovative thinking are important components, Netflix owes a lot to the fact that it has found ways to build its brand around the customer and customer preferences. It’s made a cheap, convenient, and commercial-free way to watch television.

Rather than glorifying the brand through the right pitch, as many cable companies have done, Netflix built a brand that crafts its entire business model around the customer’s convenience, which brings customers directly to its door—just like companies who adopt inbound marketing.

Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot, described well what works for brand image when he said, ”Don’t interrupt what your buyers want to consume—be what they want to consume.” 

In an internet-dominated world, content allows you and your company to do this. A brand image is built by the content a company serves and every path and touchpoint that leads to reaching a sale. 

How to Improve Your Brand Image: Enter Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing delivers valuable content in each stage of the Buyer’s Journey, which is why brands that adopt inbound marketing reach an average of 54 percent more leads than those that use traditional paid methods. 

Inbound marketing tactics, like SEO, blogging, content offers, social media, and others, work because they lead a customer to a brand in a natural way, which wouldn’t be possible with outbound marketing methods.

Whether you have an app for budgeting or sell electrical engineering equipment, your content should be valuable and informative to help grow authority in your industry. Brands like Google, HubSpot, and Moz have all built their brand images as leading authorities and thought leaders in an online world by providing their website visitors with valuable content. 

Here are 10 ways you can improve your brand image by using inbound marketing like these well-known companies:

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