How to Use Facebook Groups for Business Marketing: Top 10 Tactics

by Jacob Statler

What are Facebook groups and their purpose?

Facebook groups are online social media communities with shared interests.

In other words, they’re a place where you can make friends and network with LIKE-MINDED people.

It’s a lot like “school clubs” from back in the day.

People can bounce ideas off of one another to share helpful knowledge to fellow community members.

There are 2 different types of Facebook groups:

  • Public groups — A group where ANY Facebook user can see content and post in the group.
  • Private groups — A group where users have to request access to join and may be required to answer specific questions and agree to the rules (set by the admins).

Facebook group admins are usually the people that began the group. They set the rules, provide background on the group, and invite others to join in.

Now, let’s look at an example of a Facebook group in action.

A solid Facebook Group is Sam Oven’s Consulting Community.

It’s a private Facebook Group with over 35,000 members, made up of consultants from various industries.

Consulting Community provides a place for consultants to share stories and lessons from their consulting experience.

The best part?

It’s not filled with self promotion-spam and elevator pitches — just REAL value!

Obviously, there are a few members that use their Facebook profiles to market their services. Afterall, it’s a group of 35,000 consultants.

But most of that promotional content is filtered out naturally, as people are more engaged in consulting tips and trends.

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