30 Content Marketing Tips for Busy People

By Kevan Lee

I really wanted this to be a 30,000-word guide to content marketing.#1 on Google.1000s of social shares.Linked to by Copyblogger’s Brian Clark!And the more and more I thought about it — and the more and more I’ve been amazed at the 30,000-word content marketing resources currently out there — I came around to this one small thought:What’s the best way I can help you have the biggest impact on your content today?For me, I tend to get my best, most actionable insights in bite-sized snippets. One of my favorite newsletters is from 500 Distro, a newsletter called #DistroSnack where each daily email is bite-sized — 50 words or less, plus a GIF. So …I would love to help you, today, in 50 words or less, plus a GIF.It might not be an email newsletter series (yet), but it is a post that you can skim and grab a nugget, or bookmark and revisit. Actionable snacks galore. :)Thanks for the chance to share these tips with you. Thanks for reading!

30 Tiny Content Marketing Tips for Big Results

1 – My content marketing stack
You need fewer content tools than you might think (maybe even fewer than you’re currently using). Here are the ones I use every day.

WordPress (writing)
Trello (organizing)
MailChimp (promotion – email)
Buffer (promotion – social)
Here are the others that prove useful for research, engagement, and design: Nuzzel, Respond, Canva, Pablo.–

2 – Before After Bridge
Before – Here’s your world …After – Imagine what it’d be like, having “Problem A” solved …Bridge – Here’s how to get there.

This is our current go-to formula for our introductions on the Buffer blog. Describe a problem, describe a world where that problem doesn’t exist, then explain how to get there. It’s a super simple setup, and it can work for blogpost intros, social media updates, email, and anywhere else that you write (or speak, for that matter).If Before-After-Bridge doesn’t feel right for you, we’ve written about 26 other copywriting formulas that you can put to good use.–

3 – The H2/H3 sandwich
We use this simple, visual trick on some of our highest-performing posts. It goes like this: In the body of your article, use an H2 heading immediately followed by an H3 heading (then your other sentences and paragraphs).content-h2h3(example post)Works great for meaty listicles (“Meaty Listicles” — band name, I call it!) especially.–

4 – How to search Google in 2 minutes
Well-researched content gets all the love. And everyone’s favorite search tool is, yep, Google. Here’s how to hack it so you’re searching just as fast as can be:Search recent results (here’s how).Search your own site with “site:kevanlee.com keywords here.”Search for studies & research by adding “data” or “study” to your query. Or just go straight to Google Scholar.Search semantically (how are people talking/asking?). Instead of “content 101,” search “how can I learn content marketing?”

Read more https://www.kevanlee.com/articles/content-marketing-tips

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