DIY Dumbbells | Make Your Own Weights in 5 Minutes

By Tim Kessler

Dumbbells are very effective for working out, but they can get costly, especially if buying multiple sets.

You can make your own weights for under $10 or even for free using stuff you already have at home.

The best part is that these cheap homemade dumbbells are just as good as the one you buy.

You can make a DIY weight in less than 5 minutes, we included several methods with easy to follow steps and how-to videos.

If you want to make heavier dumbells at home, we show you how to use sand and cement to get more concrete dumbbells. These can take a little more time to make but can last for years, so well worth the time spend and money saved.

The Advantages of Dumbbells For Home Workouts

  • Add Variety – Bodyweight exercises such as push-ups are great because you can do them at home without weights. But by using dumbbells, you can add more resistance and better target specific muscle groups.

    Homemade dumbbells are are very effective for increasing your chest muscle mass without going to the gym.

    Calisthenics are great for strengthening your core and building overall strength without external resistance. However if you are not using weights in your chest workout, you not maximizing the growth of your pecs.

    Even an exercise like the burpee, which is one of the best bodyweight exercise, cannot substitute using weights.

    Dumbbells allow you to isolate and focus on any muscle you want. For example for stronger and bigger biceps, you can do biceps curls or triceps for more upper arm width.
  • Full Body Workout – There are lots of exercises you can do with weights and with dumbbells in particular. From dumbbell squats and lunges for legs to dumbbell rows for back and biceps curls for arms and the list goes on.
  • Better than Machines for Building Strength & Mass – Having a set of dumbbells is useful even if you already own a full body workout machine. While these all in one gym machines are indeed a convenient way to work out at home, dumbbells have their own benefits.

    The most significant advantage of free weights over machines is in doing compound exercises. These kind of dumbbell exercises work multiple muscles at the same time and have better potential for building overall strength and muscle mass.
  • Flexibility – Having heights handy at home gives you the flexibility to workout however you want, whenever you want. You are not constraint by the local gym hours or by visiting the gym and finding out the free-weights area is too packed to train comfortably.
  • Easy To Store – Rather than purchasing a Bowflex machine that will take up a large amount of space, a couple of dumbbells sets or compact adjustable dumbbells save you a lot of space in your home and can often be stored in a closet. You can still have a great workout without having gym equipment take over your entire home.
  • Better for Weight Loss Than Cardio – Lifting weights, especially when mixed with aerobic exercises, is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and build lean muscle.

    If you keep your rest periods short between sets and jump from one exercise to the next without long pauses you’ll work your cardiovascular system and your muscles at the same time, which is better for weight loss than just doing cardio.

    Weight training also decreases your chances for getting diabetes and improves your blood sugar control levels more than doing cardio.
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