How to Stay Hydrated During the Day and Why It’s Important

By Mark Weeks

You probably already know that staying hydrated plays an integral role in our health and overall existence as human beings. As it turns out, water makes up about 60% of the adult human body and is necessary to complete most of our body’s vital functions including those of your heart, brain and muscles. Unfortunately, even though most of us are well aware that hydration affects every aspect of our health, still a significant amount of people fail to consume the daily recommended amount of water each day. So what exactly are the benefits of staying well hydrated? Read on for all the details!

Benefits of Staying Hydrated

The benefits of drinking enough water stretch to virtually every system within your body. Water protects and hydrates our organs, carries and transports nutrients to our cells, and keeps muscles and joints working properly by balancing sodium and potassium levels. Water helps to flush the body of toxins, maintain its core temperature, and even balance blood sugar.

Beyond bodily functions, drinking enough water can even help you lose weight if that is a goal of yours. Drinking water before meals can help you feel full and lead to fewer calories eaten at each meal. Water also plays a role in helping us stay mentally focused and energized. It can boost our mood, memory and overall brain performance.

Finally, adequate hydration can help your skin look and feel better. Drinking enough water contributes to skin elasticity – meaning fewer wrinkles and fine lines, as well as decreasing puffiness and swelling due to dehydration. And since water helps remove toxins from the body, as mentioned above, drinking enough can also help clear and brighten your overall complexion.

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