How To cultivate A Sense of Gratitude In Yourself

By Tonny Wandella

Because of its evident truth and pleasant feel, grateful individuals are happier—this seems like wisdom you’d see on a bumper sign, yet research on gratitude backs up this statement. It can be a fantastic feeling if someone does anything for you which fills your heart with thankful feelings of warmth.

The following are tried-and-true methods for increasing gratitude in your life and relationships. Some of them are easy activities that you can undertake on your own for a one-time burst of happiness, while others are activities that may be done on a daily basis to improve your mood. One or two of them are big gestures you’ll remember for a long time. Whatever you’re looking for, think about the following ideas and see how they can help you live a happier life.

Be Wary of Making Comparisons

Envy may strike anyone at any time—someone receives a position we thought we were destined for, someone has the “ideal” relationship or amazingly well-behaved children we’ve always wished for, or someone just appears to always have what we’re striving for (and not receiving) in our own lives.

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