7 Ways Superstar Salespeople Easily Handle Rejection


Rejection is a difficult aspect of professional selling for many salespeople. Here’s how top performers handle this challenge with ease.

That can be a tough word for a salesperson to hear. In fact, many of the thousands of salespeople that I’ve met have expressed that the fear of rejection sometimes is greater than actual rejection. It can immobilize salespeople and affect their drive and performance. Likewise, I’ve met and worked with many superstar salespeople and collected from them the following seven mental habits that they say are the keys to overcoming rejection.

1. They expect rejection and don’t take it seriously

Superstar Mindset: “I know that not everyone wants or needs my product or service. Many will say no. I expect that. No problem. What I’m focused on is all of those who will say yes!” They know that rejection is part of the game, and they accept it. They are never surprised by it. It is not something to be avoided, but understood as reality and dealt with appropriately.

2. They prepare and deliver very good responses

Superstar Mindset: “Since I know that rejection is a part of professional selling, I will prepare and practice good responses for when I hear no.”

Top performers are always ready with a response to rejection. They construct words, phrases, and responses to redirect or reframe the conversation.

Example: The Gatekeeper says: “No, thanks. We already have a service provider for that.” Many salespeople will immediately respond by talking about their product or lower price. A top performer might respond with something like this: “I’m glad you said that. All of our clients in your industry had one of our competitors as their vendor when we first met them. Over time, 100 percent of our clients in your industry migrated to us. Here are some testimonials from companies just like yours that did.”

3. They maintain emotional distance

Superstar Mindset: “I choose not to focus on my feelings or allow others to dictate my self-perceptions.” Much of handling rejection is all in your head. James Allen’s perennial bestseller for more than 100 years is, “As a man thinketh, so is he in his heart.” Taken from Proverbs 23:7, this golden nugget of truth has direct application in professional selling. Many top performers have emotional strength–an emotional separation from others’ opinions, biases, or rejection. They simply do not register it in their minds. This emotional barrier allows them to focus on the objective of each step of the sales process–not themselves or the disinterest of others.

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