Many People Knew People

What use is left of bones picked off meat?
And of days heart to heart yet vain.
So many people locked themselves inside an indifferent nostalgia,
And buried the key in a deep-sea so selfish.
Yes, prisoners of past moments.
Beyond their curses and blessings,
Many people met people in those glory nights
Full of illusion.

And broken people met a whole bunch of broken people
In front of mirrors, guilt and regrets.
You will hear some crispy whispers,
Ripe men yearning for the boys they were,
Old ladies gossiping of prime youthfulness,
Youths afraid of letting go of the child they were
And babies shivering, as they miss the warmth of the womb.
What is left is good and right.
In a world that shades its skin,
Ancient yet cannot nourish the old.
As the clock turns and the sunburns,
New becomes old and the old lives forever!

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