Exercises To Avoid After C-Section

By Tonny Wandella

Planks, crunches, sit-ups, twisting motions, and push-ups should be avoided during the first twelve weeks after resuming exercise. It is critical that you begin exercising only once your core has recovered after surgery. When there is no diastasis recti or any pressure on the abdomen while conducting core exercises.

You have to avoid curling your front body because this will simply encourage additional abdominal separation (raising diastasis recti) and hinder you from recuperating properly. Before moving on to more difficult abdominal or core exercises, you must first strengthen your core.
The following are core exercises to shun right after a C section:
•           Planks
•           Twisting movements that put a strain on abdominal tissues
•           Lifting heavy objects
•           Push-ups on a flat ground
•           Jumping
•           Leg raises
•           Sit-ups

For the first six weeks, do gentle exercises.
For the first six weeks after a C-section, high-impact exercise, tummy-toning regimens, and full-blown cardio are all out. Here are some things you can start doing as soon as you’re ready:

Walking – As soon as you are able to get up and move around, go outside and walk around the block a few times. It will most likely feel wonderful to get your body moving again.

Pelvic floor exercises – You may have done pelvic floor exercises during your pregnancy, and if so, you already know how beneficial they are. You can resume doing Kegel workouts to improve the pelvic floor muscles that support your bladder, intestine, and uterus as soon as the catheter is removed.

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