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The rise of social media changed the way writers promote themselves. We’re seeing non-fiction and fiction books being promoted on all platforms. Some of these campaigns are truly successful in terms of creating awareness. Others fail. Effective marketing is what makes the difference.

You might be wondering: how do you effectively promote your book on social media platforms? You’re the writer, so you wrote it. Shouldn’t your publisher and marketing team take care of the rest? No. You must be involved in this process to make it successful. If you’re a self-published author, in particular, you’re the one responsible for all promotional activities.

We’ll give you 8 hints on how to develop an effective social media marketing campaign for your book.

1. Create Great Promotional Content

Most writers think that creating fan pages and interacting with the audience would be enough. It’s not enough. You have to be the one triggering that interaction, and you’ll do that with great promotional content published on a regular basis.

The problem with most professional writers is that they don’t know how to write content for marketing purposes. You just wrote a brilliant book, but you have no idea how to create buzz.

If you’re struggling with this part of the process, you can always rely on a professional writer. Services like RushMyEssay UK will pair you up with a writer and an editor, so you’ll get the support you need.

2. Start a Facebook Contest

You want to show that you appreciate your Facebook followers for supporting you on this journey. You can easily do that by giving away few copies of your newly-published book. Just invite them to share why they want the book and tag a friend who would also like it. Then, you’ll send free copies for this fan and the friend they tagged.

This strategy works because it makes people want your book, but it also brings new potential readers towards your page.

3. Start an Instagram Campaign

Kino MacGregor, a yoga teacher with a huge base of followers on Instagram, used this platform as the main promotional tool for her book The Yogi Assignment. She created a separate Instagram page for the book, but she also promoted it through her personal profile.

Instagram offers several opportunities for successful promotion through images, tags, live videos, stories, comments, and connections. Use them well!

4. Offer a Free Chapter

In non-fiction writing, free chapters offer deep insights into the entire essence of the content. However, a free introductory chapter can also be a beneficial marketing strategy for a fiction book.

When you decide to give away a free chapter of your book, spread the news across social media. Ask your followers to become email subscribers at your website, so they can receive the chapter. Don’t forget to include tweet this buttons in strategic spots, so the readers can share quotes and attract other social media users towards your book.

5. Share Photos of People Reading Your Book

This is another popular strategy for authors promoting books on social media. Once you launch the book, ask your followers to share a moment with it. Don’t forget: they need to use a special hashtag, so you and all your followers can see the post.

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