Simple Exercises to Improve Sexual Stamina

By Tonny Wandella

Sexuality and sexual health are vital aspects of life that affect everyone’s physical and mental well-being. In turn, your physical performance and anxiety levels too can impact your sexual health. This is especially true in terms of sexual endurance. Here are some activities to try:

Complete planks

This exercise is excellent for strengthening the core, increasing endurance, and improving balance.

Kegel workout

Kegel exercises aren’t just for women; they also help males strengthen their pubococcygeus muscles.

Pelvic Lifts

This one works your complete body while increasing endurance, strength, and balance.

Lunge Twisting

Lunges strengthen and stretch vital muscles, which will come in helpful in the bedroom.

Frog Stretch

This simple hip opener is beneficial to the back and is not only for ladies.

The majority of people’s lives revolve around sex. As a result, keeping high sexual stamina is critical. Along with mental contentment, stability, and affection for your sexual partner, an individual’s physical health can have a significant impact on the sexual act.
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