Book Review: Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding from Anywhere by Tsedal Neeley

By Randy

• The prominent technology company Cisco launched one of the first systematic remote work programs in Silicon Valley in 1993.
• I have been deeply involved in the issues of remote work and global organizations for nearly two decades. (this book had in fact been well under way).
• Remote Work Revolution provides evidence-based answers to those pressing concerns as well as practical guidance for how you can, together with team members, internalize and apply the best practices that matter the most.
• In the first few weeks of 2020, a microscopic agent turned the world’s workforce into remote workers seemingly overnight. …Digital tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and Slack went from useful supplements to the primary enablers for daily interactions with coworkers. These rapid changes were unprecedented.
• McKinsey Global Institute predicts that the global labor workforce will reach 3.5 billion people by 2030. Remote work is increasingly here to stay. The future is in remote work.
• We will not remain a 100 percent remote world. Instead, we will see virtual, distributed, and global work become significant parts of work arrangements that expand our repertoire, skills, and performance, promising to make us and our organizations that much better.
Tsedal Neeley, Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding from Anywhere


VUCA – (Volatility; Uncertainty; Complexity; Ambiguity)

These are just some of the terms we read constantly about work realities these days.

There is such enormous upset and uncertainty.

But, as both John Kotter pointed out in Change, and now Tsedal Neeley points out in Remote Work Revolution, COVID only accelerated what was already happening. And among the workplace practices that have been accelerated is the remote work revolution.

I presented my synopsis of Remote Work Revolution: Succeeding from Anywhere
by Tsedal Neeley at the September First Friday Book Synopsis. It is a good book! And, it is a book about two things:

#1 — what constitutes good/effective work period. And then,
#2 — how does all this translate into the remote work arena.

The author had begin working on issues of remote word long before COVID realities hit. But, COVID added an urgency to her research and findings.

As I always do, I begin my synopses presentations asking What is the point? Here it is for this book: Remote work requires the same goals and practices as any collaborative work effort; including leadership practices and team best practices. However, specific steps have to be added in a remote context.

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