What Not To Do After Running

By Tonny Wandella

Running exposes your body to a high-intensity training stimulus. Because you have to concentrate on every step, your muscles are taxed, your joints work harder, and your brain is working overtime. As soon as you finish your workout, a crucial step begins recuperation. Your body is now compensating for the stress it endured in order to go to the next level of performance. Nevertheless, many runners make post-run blunders that are harmful to their recuperation.

Not Replenishing Your Glycogen Stores

During your run, you used energy, burnt calories, and depleted all of your body’s resources, pushing your muscles, tendon, ligaments, as well as the skeletal system to work. These supplies must be restored as soon as feasible after use.

Why? If you do not replenish your body’s energy stores after working out, you inhibit muscle growth and slow recuperation which could lead to injuries. People who run to reduce weight should also eat afterwards. To burn extra fat, your metabolism must be revved up after an exercise. However, in order to prevent burning your muscles that ensure efficient fat burning, your body needs a “full tank.”

After The Run, Don’t Eat Everything In Sight.

Many runners overestimate the number of calories burnt when jogging. People who often treat themselves with cookies, chips, or a beer after jogging face the danger of ingesting more calories than they burnt. Foods heavy in fat and sugar, as well as alcohol, not only provide a lot of empty calories but also impede critical post-workout recovery. This can cause the recuperation period to last many days!

You Never Let Your Body Rest

When you exercise, your body is put under a lot of strain. It needs a pause in order to grow (such as increasing your endurance level). Make certain that you receive adequate sleep. Your muscles, bones, and tendons can heal while you sleep. To compensate for jogging, the human body requires seven to eight hours of unbroken sleep. A power snooze around midday provides even more advantages for recuperation!

What occurs when you don’t sleep enough? If you deny your body of sleep for an extended length of time, you will notice a decrease in performance as well as an increased chance of injury and strain.

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